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NOTE! For the moment I don't offer any assessment or any psychological treatments. However, exceptions can be made.

Everything is Neuropsychology! The common ground for all my services is the knowledge about the human cognition and its importance. Success in business and football starts and ends with the capacity of the executive functions. Mental health problems have often its ground in distorted cognition. Permanent change is built on new ways of information gathering, new ways of processing the information together with courage to use new behaviors. I regularly give lectures with different psychological topics mostly with touch of knowledge from my groundbreaking research about the executive functions and top performances.

The most potent recruitment and talent management tool ever?

Treatment tailored to your personality and ability of problem solving


Successful action and decision-making within the business world derives from the cognitive abilities of the human being, and correlate with the brain's executive functions. By measuring these executive functions, you obtain a strong tool to develop the employee's ability within Management, Leadership, Adaptability, Team building, Stress resilience and Goal orientation.


If you looking for an assessment tool free from gender, age and cultural biases and would like to strengthen your recruitment and talent management program, contact me.



Football starts in the brain. The strength of a player's executive functions correlates with their success. Different team positions require different profiles. A striker's ability within Scanning and Cognitive flexibility and his/her capacity in terms of Working memory are above average. A playmaker at international level has tremendous Creativity under pressure, while it looks like an elite defender has very high level of Inhibition.


If you looking for a tool that measures the players' game intelligence with power to give guidelines to develop a player's full cognitive potential, contact me.

NOTE! For the moment I don't offer any assessment. However, exertions can be made.


Each one will sooner or later, more or less, get some mental problems. The diagnostic symptoms are the same, but the way in and out of the situation could be different depending on the individual's personality and what the problem is about.



By using different types of treatment models and tools from all major therapeutic schools as the Behavioral, Cognitive, Psychodynamic and Existential, I focus on the client's need than any particular model of therapy.



Initially the client has three sessions with assessments and interviews. The result of these sessions then forms the basis for a Treatment Plan/Client Map. The client receives the Client Map in a written concept to accept, before the session begins.



For me it is important to set goals for the treatment together with the client, goals that in one-way or another is measurable.



One session a week between two to five months is a normal cycle of treatment. One session is 45 min. Between the sessions will the client get homework assignments to gradually transfer their newly acquired skills into everyday life. 

NOTE! For the moment I don't offer psychological treatment. However, exertions can be made.


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